From Homework to Horses

The act of balancing out university classes with extracurriculars is a difficult one. Sacrifices are often made as students everywhere make their best attempt at obtaining both A’s and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. From my experience, the sacrifices I have made were fairly worth it in the long run. I chose to save money for my education instead of reaching for my more personal goals. Horseback riding was one of the biggest sacrifices I have ever had to give up. I have been in love with these beautiful, intelligent creatures for as long as I can remember. Yet, while letting them go was painful, I still believe that it was a good decision that has positively affected my future.

The minutes I spend with horses are now seen in a new light. They are as precious as they are priceless, lifting me up to a new height of happiness. Now that the time of sacrifice has passed, I can let this passion for the equestrian world back into my life.

Hopefully, this time it is here to stay.

2018-05-19 20.03.41.jpg