A Review of the Queen of Tearling Series

22864842.jpg*Spoilers Ahead*

In order to begin, I’d like to address how utterly addicted this series got me. I went from having mild interest to constantly seeking my next reading session. While possessing the qualities that often draw me in, these books twisted all my preconceived notions and blindsided me with the unexpected. I was blown away.

Frequently, I have found that romance tends to interweave its way into books similar to this one. I have never complained, I love a little romance. But this book stood out among the rest as it relinquished the fantasy books stereotype of holding romance. The main character, Kelsea, did not need nor desire the support of a romantic relationship making her a hero for feminists everywhere. Rather she focused solely on keeping her kingdom in tact. This quality of independence took her from an awkward teenager, and transformed her into a powerful figure that was never to be underestimated. While she did possess the power of her sapphires, I found that it was not the jewels that made her a force to be reckoned with. It was her intelligence, literacy, and strong sense of character that formed the Queen we know and love. She could bring you down with merely a heated argument alone. Throughout it all, she held onto her love of books which drew a connection right out of the pages of Johansen’s book and into our hearts. The hearts of readers young and old alike.

Another factor I’d like to address in this review was the tie that existed between the future and the past. The way the author wrote this was truly remarkable. Not only was the link complex and elaborate, but it was also very well thought through. Some books will lose you as they try to rich a new level of imagination and creativity but the Queen of Tearling series followed through. It’s pages carrying you peacefully along as you seek out every word of the coming adventure. While my perspective may differ from others, I found that at one point, the tie between time periods became a loop. Events that had happened in the past were happening again, coming full circle as the Tear’s dream crashed in the third book. The futuristic world Lily lived in was also technically the past for Tearling while their way of life became similar to that of olden times. Henceforth, the circle is created.

This series will join my collection now as forever one of my favourites. Thank you Erika Johansen, for bringing a series that actually stopped me from predicting what happens after all the twists and turns that I ran quickly along in search of answers. The complexity of your story made for a very enjoyable read.


There is so much more to touch on in this book that it is simply too much for one blog post. However, if anyone would like to contact me to discuss the series, I would absolutely love to hear from you. In particular, if anyone has perspectives on my timeloop theory I would be very interested in what you have to say.