How to set up the Ideal Reading Environment

Welcome to Cozy 101! With fall fast approaching there is no better time then now to get your room Reading Ready. That way, you will have everything you need to enjoy cozy fall days from beneath blankets and behind a book. Over my years as a reader, I have found that there are a few additions to your environment that transform your room into a reading paradise. I have listed a few of my essentials below here with links so that you can get your own!

  1. Reading Socks: These are the comfiest things ever! My boyfriend bought me my first pair ever just last year and they are so cozy. Absolutely perfect to warm those cold feet of yours on a chilly autumn day.  Buy your own herehaley-powers-370168-unsplash.jpg
  2. Warm Blanket: Not just any blanket. It must be extra cozy and extra big! I find that some of the nicest ones are knit, fleece, fake fur, or wool. For some reason chunky knit blankets are also a thing? You can even make one yourself! I am not sure how I feel about those ones yet but they sure do look nice. There are so so so many beautiful blankets out there so I really can’t say which is the best, however, I definitely will continue through life on a mission to find that ultimate blanket. When I do, I will share my discovery with the world and we will all be cozy! Yay!roberto-nickson-g-707109-unsplash.jpg
  3. Classy Mug: Coffee and books are like pancakes and maple syrup, they go hand in hand. Especially if you are a Canadian like me. Tea or hot chocolate are also pretty great reading drinks too. Anything that makes you feel all warm and bright in your belly. To drink your beverage in style though, you need a cool mug! Check out this Halloween themed mug.liana-mikah-698517-unsplash.jpg
  4. A Candle: Get yourself a great smell to waft through your reading space. Pumpkin waffle spice, vanilla bean, apple orchard, sugar spice… there are loads to choose from! You can try out Bath and Body Works, local businesses or even make your own. Don’t want the hassle of a flame? No worries! I use a scentsy warmer. Once you buy one of their gorgeous warmers, you can get all sorts of wax melts. They come in so many wonderful smells like apple cherry strudel and blueberry pancakes. simon-migaj-575913-unsplash
  5. Cozy Sweater: While this step may not seem essential I assure you it is. My belief is that you should never stop at the blanket for warmth. Level up that comfort with the best knit sweater or hoodie you can find. Or, you know, just get another blanket. Or get another blanket and a sweater. Okay… I am 100% guilty of piling up on the blankets, but hey, I live in Canada! It gets cold!dan-gold-544435-unsplash.jpg
  6. Pillows: Gotta rest your head somewhere, am I right? Personally, I adore the big fake fur ones but there is a HUGE variety out there with loads of colours, textures and fun shapes. Isn’t this adorable? Or this? designecologist-738489-unsplash.jpg
  7. Music: This one is entirely up to the reader. Some prefer silence and others like the gentle hum of music in the background as they dive into their next adventure. alice-moore-192521-unsplash.jpg
  8. Now go get a book and start getting comfy! 🙂

In the end, none of these things are truly necessary (with the exception of the book of course). I can read a book while walking home from the bus stop, crossing a road and carrying three grocery bags on my arms. A true book lover will mindlessly walk into a tree if they are reading a really good book. Nonetheless, read safe guys. Look both ways before crossing the road… or even the forest.


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