How to Cope With Student Stress

It’s the most “wonderful”, oops, I mean “horrible” time of the year! Assignment! Tests! Projects! Oh my! The worst part is that its not even exam season.

Midterm warriors… this post is for you guys. The way too stressed out students who have it all under control (or don’t… no judgement here) and still feel like their university/college degree is an endless marathon.

I know the struggle and am here with a few tips for handling the pressure. Let’s begin!

  1. Organize: It’s time consuming and annoying but 100% worth it. Believe me when I say that organizing your homework and assignments into to-do lists is going to make your life a hell of a lot easier. I find that at the end of the week, making a list of what you have to accomplish next week is very helpful. When you know what you have to do and can see yourself ticking off boxes, you are able to see what you are accomplishing more clearly. This helps you remember you aren’t permanently running on that treadmill, struggling yet never moving. You’ll get there! Just remind yourself how far you’ve come and not simply how far you have yet to go. melinda-gimpel-699311-unsplash.jpg
  2. Do readings/work somewhere with no distractions where you feel comfortable: Not your chaotic student centre. Not your kitchen table. Not even your school library (Why are these always so packed? I’m looking at you McMaster U). Honestly, I don’t even like doing work on campus at all. It’s loud, crowded, and anything but relaxing. I suggest a quiet coffee shop, a public library, or a designated study area in your own home. Keep in mind, though, that this is highly subjective because each individual has their own ideal working environment. Based on this fact, all I can recommend is that you investigate to find what is best for you.anete-lusina-609858-unsplash.jpg
  3. Talk about it: Find someone to talk to about the stress you are under. A parent, sibling, friend, boyfriend, helpline, or guidance counsellor can be a valuable resource in your life. Sometimes you don’t realize how much you worry about on a daily basis until the words start pouring out of your mouth. Plus, they may even provide some helpful advice for how to approach some of your problems!yolanda-sun-691301-unsplash.jpg
  4. Have a little fun: Go to a party! Not your thing? Mine neither. Go find something you genuinely enjoy that has nothing to do with school. Get your mind off that assignment that’s due and give yourself a break. Whether it’s going to a club or curling up with a book (a book you actually want to read), you deserve some YOU time so go ahead and enjoy.david-calderon-973699-unsplash.jpg
  5. Get some fresh air: Nature is a lovely way of refreshing your mind and perspective. A little fresh air goes a long, long way. Try going for a hike, pumpkin picking, walking your dog, going for a run, or maybe apple picking! Anything that gets you out into nature.jake-lorefice-406283-unsplash.jpgGot any more tips for relaxing while under a lot of stress? Send them my way or comment below!