Adventuring in Halifax

Let’s talk travel!

I’ve never been on a plane, and I’d never been out of province in Canada before. In effort to solve one of those issues, I decided to take the plunge and drive out of Ontario on my reading week. As a lover of seafood and the ocean, the east coast seemed like the perfect destination!

In this post, I will be sharing a few places that I visited on my trip to Nova Scotia as well as some tips I’ve found to be useful in my travels.

  1. The Welcome Centre: We pulled into the Welcome Centre in Nova Scotia more for a rest-stop than to actually appreciate the views. However, once we got out of the car, a beautiful sight awaited us! The misty surrounding fields and distant water gave us a hint of what was to come on our trip. Here are some typical tourists in front of the welcome sign:DSC04626 (1).JPG

    Tip: Take a minute to look around you whenever you make a rest stop. Try and stop in the local towns, as time-consuming as this may be, you are bound to find it more interesting then typical roadside stops.

  2. Local eats: After approximately 18-20 hours on the road, we were not keen on the idea of cooking a homecooked meal. We ended up looking into the local restaurants and walked over to one the nearest ones, The Blue Olive Greek Taverna. It wasn’t seafood but it certainly was delicious! My only complaint is that my portion was tiny. Oh well, when you are tired, food is food!DSC04635.JPG

    Tip: Scope out places to eat near where you are staying before your trip. This leaves more time actually experiencing your surroundings and less on your computer trying to make up your mind.

  3. Local cafes: What is the essential item for starting a long day of exploring? Coffee! Well, techically I didn’t get coffee but my adventure squad did. I merely support their caffeine needs while I sip a latte or an apple cider. We went to the Dilly Dally Coffee Cafe and absolutely loved the overall vibe of the place. A local, friendly source for your coffee needs. They even had a “Carrot Spice Latte” that I unfortunately did not get to try. 10/10 would fly back for that latte. bruno-cervera-368194-unsplash.jpg

    Tip: Support small local businesses wherever you travel. Skipping the starbucks and getting your coffee from one of the unique shops really helps make your trip all the more special. After all, you put effort into travelling somewhere new, why not try something new?

  4. The Harbour Walk: We headed straight for the boardwalk once we had our dose of coffee. Even on Thanksgiving Day there were loads of people out enjoying the city and I can certainly see why. Who wouldn’t love this view! Runners, tourists, and locals all flocked up and down the harbour. We even came across a couple of musicians that were playing by the water.DSC04673.JPG

     Tip: Rent an airbnb. I can’t speak more highly of this vacation rental site. Instead of staying in some tiny hotel room, we stayed in an huge apartment located on the second floor of an absolutely gorgeous heritage home. What could be better?

  5. Visit the Gardens: This was my #1 destination long before I reached Halifax. I love flowers and gardens so obviously I had to visit the Halifax Public Gardens. A very touristy destination, yes, but worth it? Completely! Roses were everywhere!DSC04777.JPG

  6.  The Halifax Citadel: Well, it was a very steep climb up a hill to get to this destination but the view was incredible and the citadel itself was packed full of history. Making the trek was a small price to pay for this experience (that and the admission fee). We loved the actors that walked around in the gear of soldiers and stayed in character as the tourists wandered around the citadel. DSC04817.JPG

    Tip: Skip the car. It is a more immersive experience to walk around the local sights as opposed to drive. You are able to notice the little details that would have oh-so-quickly passed you in a car.

  7.  Point Pleasant Park: Runners! Dogs! As both a dog lover and a runner, I loved this spot. I can 100% see myself coming here for a nice run along the off-leash trails with my dog trotting alongside me. Especially in the fall when the leaves looked as lovely as they did this October. DSC04840 (1)Tip: Have talented photographers accompany you on your trip so that they can take cool photos of your adventures (and cool photos of you, of course).

  8. Peggy’s Cove: This place is absolutely essential. If you haven’t visited here while in Halifax, I highly recommend you hop on a plane right now. The road winds up and up as you get close to the lighthouse located at the top of the hill, with boats on your right and cute shops all around I couldn’t have asked for a more lovely setting. But wait! It gets better. A lady was playing the accordian at the base of the lighthouse and enhanced the setting, tenfold, into a whimsical paradise for ocean lovers like me. THEN, a bagpiper came out and played by the rocks. Magic. Everywhere. Below is a majestic photo of my friend and I at the lighthouse:DSC05066.JPGTip: Make sure your adventure team will get along. The last thing you want on a roadtrip is conflict. 

Thanks for reading about my trip!


Photo Credits:

The header and last image were taken by Eugene Melentsov. The rest were taken by Stephanie Hall (with the exception of the third photo which by BRUNO CERVERA on Unsplash).