The room was filled with a warm glow that spread its reach into the dark corners of the painted blue walls, the light creating shadows over discarded toys in its midst. In the middle of the room was a simple wooden bed and in it, a young boy. On some nights, the shadows evolved in … Continue reading Stargazers



The library is filled with the sounds of silence. Soft padding of shoes against the carpeted floor. Pages scratching against one another as the reader turns one page into the next, continuing their adventure through the text. The librarians long manicured nails hit the keyboard rhythmically and rain slides along against the window. I hear … Continue reading Estrella

Underneath it All: A Dialogue

“Mr. Smith? I have a few questions I’d like to ask you." “Ah, yes of course. I don’t suppose I have any other option than to listen to you." “No." “Whenever you’re ready Miss… what should I call you?” “Veldon. You may call me Officer Veldon.” “Alright. Miss Veldon, you can call me Jeremy.” “It’s … Continue reading Underneath it All: A Dialogue

Sam Wielder: A Character Portrait

His name was Sam Wielder, and he was an unremarkable man. He woke early in the mornings, six o’clock sharp and did not listen to the sound of crickets and cows as they called out from the farm across the way. Instead, he shut off the alarm blaring across his sparse bedroom and pulled on … Continue reading Sam Wielder: A Character Portrait