Adventuring in Halifax

Let's talk travel! I've never been on a plane, and I'd never been out of province in Canada before. In effort to solve one of those issues, I decided to take the plunge and drive out of Ontario on my reading week. As a lover of seafood and the ocean, the east coast seemed like … Continue reading Adventuring in Halifax


How to set up the Ideal Reading Environment

Welcome to Cozy 101! With fall fast approaching there is no better time then now to get your room Reading Ready. That way, you will have everything you need to enjoy cozy fall days from beneath blankets and behind a book. Over my years as a reader, I have found that there are a few … Continue reading How to set up the Ideal Reading Environment

4 Books on my Reading List

I have the strange tendency to swallow books whole or simply lose interest immediately. I think I can speak for many readers when I say that starting a book, let alone picking one, can be a challenging task to behold. However, once I conquer that first step towards my next literary adventure, there is no … Continue reading 4 Books on my Reading List

A Review of the Queen of Tearling Series

*Spoilers Ahead* In order to begin, I'd like to address how utterly addicted this series got me. I went from having mild interest to constantly seeking my next reading session. While possessing the qualities that often draw me in, these books twisted all my preconceived notions and blindsided me with the unexpected. I was blown … Continue reading A Review of the Queen of Tearling Series

How to Write an Essay like An English Major

I am constantly striving to improve my writing capabilities and over the past few years, I have acquired a few tips that have helped me significantly. Create an outline. Do it! As a student learning how to write an effective essay, being organized is incredibly valuable. I personally undervalued the importance of this until I found … Continue reading How to Write an Essay like An English Major

The Horse and His Human

As each foot falls beneath his steady steed, The earth echoes with the drumming of hooves. Their flight is bound yet boundless is their speed, For their feet leave the ground yet find the grooves,   Of the world below while in midst of flight. Through trails of trouble or drinking daze, His horse leads … Continue reading The Horse and His Human